Apr 3 2014

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Mar 13 2014

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Jan 24 2014



And so I got Beta access to Blizzards newest game, Hearthstone.. And as always, I play it on Linux…


Download installer from you Blizzard Battle.net account.

mkdir /home/username/Games/Heartstone/
WINEPREFIX=/home/username/Games/Heartstone/.wine winecfg

In winecfg, override “dbghelp”-> disabled and “msvcp100″-> Native under Libraries.

then run:
WINEPREFIX=/home/username/Games/Heartstone/.wine winetricks wininet

And then install:

WINEPREFIX=/home/username/Games/Heartstone/.wine wine Hearthstone-Beta-Setup-enGB.exe


Game installed, and running beautifully.. Good job Blizzard.. Again.. next best thing to native Linux games, are Windows games that just runs..

And I must say, that Hearthstone is also a very nice game so far…

Jan 20 2014

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Dec 10 2013

NBA Players Reverse Engineered – Steve Novak

#include "marquette"
#include "nba"

class steveNovak{
      float 3pprocent;
      float mpg;
      bool willhitnext;
      int main(){
         3pprocent = 442;
         mpg = 13.5;
         bench = true;
         willhitnext = false;
      bool shoot2pt(){
         return false;

      bool shoot3pt(){
         shot = rand() % 1001;
         if (shot < 3pprocent){
            return true;
            willhitnext = false;
            if (willhitnext){
               return true
               return false;
               willhitnext = true

      void playDefence(){
         echo "HELP!!!!";

Nov 28 2013

Disney Potter


Nov 14 2013

XenServer 6 + Windows 2003 + Symantec = STOP Error 0x0000DEAD

Today I struggled with migration of some Windows 2003 machines from VMWare to XenServer.

The guys that were migrating the machines were using Symantec to backup the VMWare machines and restore them to XenServer.

Apparently it seems like the way that Symantec configure the virtual machines, is no longer compatible with XenServer after the upgrade from 5.6 -> 6.0/6.1/6.2. When they migrated a Windows 2003 machine it started on XenServer with no issues, but when XenTools were installed, the machines stopped during bootup with Error code 0x0000DEAD (Kinda funny :D)..

By comparing the virtual machine configuration, I have developed this small script to fix the issue:

xe vm-param-clear param-name=platform uuid=$1
params=”nx=false pae=true apic=true acpi=true stdvga=0 viridian=true”
for i in $params;do
xe vm-param-set platform:$i uuid=$1

The script should be fed with the UID of the virtual machine, accessiable through “xe vm-list”.

Hope this will someone out there..

Nov 5 2013

This will so much be me, when I get kids..


Nov 1 2013

Beauty is in the Eye of the Photoshop

Oct 24 2013

Crazy Band