aug 20 2011

Ironhide reporting for duty

I have released the first version of Ironhide, which is going to be my branch of bumblebee..

This version features:

* Graphical User Interface for Configuration and Submitsystem.
* Tests build into the Configuration, should help us narrow down problems.
* Major cleanup, removed all content not related to Ubuntu.
* Updated VirtualGL.

For now there is only natty packages available. This is soon to change…

The Ironhide packages conflict with bumblebee, so you should be asked to remove the old packages when installing Ironhide.. If your having problems getting ironhide to work, please reboot after uninstalling bumblebee… and then rerun ironhide-configuration..

Installation notes:

I have given up on supporting the nvidia packages myself.. The version in Natty works just fine, and if you want newer versions, I can confirm that the X-org edgers repository works great with Ironhide:

When new versions come out, just rerun the configuration.

Report problems/issues here:

The “New” Bumblebee Project is available here:

aug 15 2011

Reassemble of the Bee..

Quite a lot is happening around bumblebee these days…

I know that I haven’t been very active lately, partly due to vacation…

I’ve also been doing a lot of thinking about the way that bumblebee has been implemented.. The popularity really surprised me, and looking back a LOT of things where done too quickly and implemented wrong.. All in all it seems like every bugs-fix, triggered two new bugs…

I also allowed a lot of people to contribute to the project which, with all respect to their work, at times made me feel like I lost control a little over which way bumblebee was “flying”… I think this also was a reason why I lost some inspiration…

What is happening right now is that:

A lot of the people who has been contributing to the bumblebee-project, is now starting over from scratch in one combined project:

Right now, I have chosen not to contribute to the Bumblebee-project, and try some stuff out on my own… nothing has really been published :, this will include a graphical bumblebee setup and probably extentions to bumblebee-ui.. This project will probably be renamed to distinguish the two.. but just to be clear, I much appreciate the work the other guys are doing and there is no bad air between us.. I just need some “creative” time off…

So, right now, yes… things are broken, both in the ppa and in the git versions.. I hope that the above efforts will solve this as soon as possible, and a BIG thanks to every tester, contributor, programmer and user of bumblebee out there..