jun 17 2011

Bumble ****-up

Ok, ok…

I made a BIG bummer in the end of may… and apparently it has only been discovered now :D…

Commit – https://github.com/MrMEEE/bumblebee/commit/6cd6b2485668e8a87485cb34ca8a0a937e73f16d

That caused this problem:


Again I’m sorry that I didn’t give myself the time to test the code completely, but working on bumblebee in the middle of the night and working “real” work in the days, doesn’t always gives the best results.. but I’m trying my best.. which I think people understand… 😀

The positive thing here is how many people are active in the bumblebee community and that bumblebee have gotten even more attention:


jun 14 2011

Bumblebee in Linux News

Bumblebee was included in “This week in linux”..