Crazy Bumble-weeks

It has now been about 4 weeks since I sat in a small hotel room in Norway and implemented the first lines, of what was going to be the bumblebee project.

By now I have hit over 30.000 hits on the first blog page alone, have about 200 followers on twitter and about 200 issues have been created on github ( about 130 closed )…

z0rc has forked the project to debumblebee and is now supporting debian through that.

Joaquín is providing support for Arch Linux, and  backbone is handles Gentoo

arnauddupuis and paulvriens are helping me on bumblebee with Fedora and OpenSuSE support, and other people are also beginning to submit patches and suggestions (thanks!)..

This has really been some crazy weeks, and not looking to settle down right now.. 😀

Thanks to all for your support, suggestions and reports..


Arch Linux Support:


Debian Linux Support:

Gentoo Linux Support:

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