Bumblebee ‘in a box’


Today (night) I finally got bumblebee packaged into a Ubuntu Launchpad PPA. Something that I’ve been wanting to do for quite some time now… At the same time I have introduced a new installer/configuration utillity. Basically with the same functionality, but it has been cleaned up and should be much easier to use.

Now what does that mean?? For ordinary users, that means that all the installation process should be a lot easier now for Ubuntu-based distributions.



All you have to do is run the following commands:

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:mj-casalogic/bumblebee

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install bumblebee

Does it get any easier???

I’ve moved the version of bumblebee in the PPA to version 2.0, to indicate that this really is a major step forward..

Thanks to all for your feedback, I know that you haven’t heard much from me for the last two weeks…

So now it’s back to fixing bugs, but from now on, i’ll focus on fixing the bugs in PPA version.

The complete PPA is available here:


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