New Project – OBS for CentOS/RHEL

Hi all

Time for YASP (Yet Another Sparetime Project)…

I have now for some time been using OBS (OpenSuSE Build Services) in my local home environment, as well as at several customers…

If you are using a packaged based distribution (RHEL/CentOS/SLES/OpenSuSE/Ubuntu/Debian and more) and in some way are creating your own packages, I will really suggest you to take a look into this project..

It’s basically a build server with a web interface. Packages are built in small environment and all dependencies are handled by the server (of caused speficied by the user)..

SuSE has been behind this project for some time now, and it’s generally working pretty good.. Either you can use SuSE’s own server to build your packages or get your own local installation..

This local installation is limited to a SuSE machine at the moment, and this is where I see a small problem..

In my work as a Consultant I see a lot of customers using Red Hat or CentOS, and some of these guys will not easily allow installation of a SuSE based distribution.

Therefore I have taken up the challenge to port the OBS server to CentOS/RHEL.

For now I have gotten the packages built (which wasn’t always easy), and have started modifying the startup scripts. In time I plan to start modifying the theme as well, and maybe come up with a name for this fork (Maybe CBS, CentOS Build Services)..

If anyone has an interest of following the progress, and maybe trying out the result, then to repository is available here and the source code here.


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