Diablo 3 – Blizzard still rules, also on Linux

For years and years I (as many others) have waited for Diablo 3. And now it’s finally here!!

For all gaming Linux people, one of the biggest excitements about new games is if they will run under Wine.

And Diablo 3 does.. Almost…

There are still some patching which haven’t (yet) been merged into standard wine, but besides of that it really runs well.

If you want to follow the way I run Diablo 3 on my Alienware X11M, here it goes:

Download the Diablo 3 installer from Battle.net. (just run with regular wine to download installer)

Download compiled modified wine (sorry I forgot where I got this):

[download id=”1″]

Unpack it:

tar zxvf wine-diablo3.tar.gz

and place the folder diablo3-1.5.4 somewhere e.g. /home/<user>/games/Wine/

Create a Diablo 3 folder:

mkdir -p /home/<user>/games/Diablo\ III

Now run:

WINEPREFIX=/home/<user>/games/Diablo\ III/.wine /home/<user>/games/Wine/diablo3-1.5.4/usr/bin/winecfg (Just press ok, when configuration box appears.)

WINEPREFIX=/home/<user>/games/Diablo\ III/.wine winetricks vcrun2008 (install winetricks with “apt-get install winetricks”)

Install Diablo:

WINEPREFIX=/home/<user>/games/Diablo\ III/.wine /home/<user>/games/Wine/diablo3-1.5.4/usr/bin/wine <Diablo Installer exe>

If you having problems with the installer hanging, just copy the installed game from a Window$ box or something..

When the game is installed, start it with

WINEPREFIX=/home/<user>/games/Diablo\ III/.wine taskset -c 1 /home/<user>/games/Wine/diablo3-1.5.4/usr/bin/wine Diablo\ III.exe –launch

or if you are using Ironhide or The Bumblebee Project:

WINEPREFIX=/home/<user>/games/Diablo\ III/.wine optirun taskset -c 1 /home/<user>/games/Wine/diablo3-1.5.4/usr/bin/wine Diablo\ III.exe –launch

Happy gaming…

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