aug 10 2012

MythBox and MythTV 0.25

I have been using XBMC and MythBox ( as a frontend for MythTV Backend for quite a while now, and because MythBox doesn’t support MythTV 0.25, I have been stuck on the old 0.24 branch…

But now some of the guys over at the MythBox community has found a solution.. This requires some patching of XBMC, and a speciel version of MythBox.. all descriped here.

I have eased up this process a little by rebuilding the XBMC version bundled with Ubuntu 12.04 with the 0.25 changes.. this version is now available here:

Easy step-by-step guide on howto install:

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:mj-casalogic/xbmc-mythbox

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install xbmc

cd ~
git clone

mv -f ~/.xbmc/addons/script.mythbox ~  # or just rm -rf
ln -s ~/mythbox ~/.xbmc/addons/script.mythbox

and that should be it... 

Happy TV watching...